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    Let’s swing!

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  3. 使えそう。

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    surmise-en-scene: Japanese anime legends Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, just hangin’

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    “Initially, I focused on breathing,” she recalls. “Then as I went down, I started to relax. I could see a group of human-like figures with their heads up as if they were looking up at me from below. As I got closer, I could see red, green and blue coral growing from the heads and bodies. I was amazed by the brightly colored fish swimming between the figures that were standing at the bottom of the sea. It was as if the life-sized sculptures were coming alive.” 

    This dive was Shoebridge’s first encounter with the spectacular work of British-Guyanan underwater artist Jason deCaires Taylor, which has been compared to that of fellow Briton Antony Gormley (famous for the 66-foot-tall Angel of the North statue in Gateshead, England). 

    An Underwater Art Scene Blossoms in the Ocean (Complete gallery) 

  9. nycartscene:

    opens Fri, June 27, 6-8p:

    Some Thoughts About Marks
     Theodora Allen, Patrick Berran, Daniel Heidkamp,
     Michael Hunter, Lui Shtini
    Jack Hanley Gallery, 327 Broome St., NYC

    a group exhibition featuring the work of five young painters working in New York and Los Angeles.

    pictured: Lui Shtini, Tule, 2014, Oil on board

  10. nycartscene:

    opens tonight, 6-8p:

    Sargent’s Daughters
    Sargent’s Daughters Gallery, 179 E. Broadway, NYC

    An exhibition of works by 40 women artists exploring the legacy of John Singer Sargent: “When we consider the influence of Sargent on a later generation of artists the question of this participation remains. What has Sargent’s influence on women artists been?  The wide range of artists who react to his work includes sculptors, photographers, painters and installation artists— each drawing on different aspects of his work.”

    artists: L.C. Armstrong, Sarah Awad, Whitney Bedford, Ellen Brooks, Rebecca Campbell, Jordan Casteel, Holly Coulis, Zoe Crosher, Jennifer Dalton, Inka Essenhigh, Katie Fischer, Natalie Frank, Joy, Garnett, Orly Genger, Elizabeth Glaessner, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Jenna Gribbon, Nora Griffin, Jeila Gueramian, Tamara Gonzales, Ellen Harvey, Brad Jones, Field Kallop, Jemima Kirke, Marcia Kure, Saira McLaren, Jesse Mockrin, Kristine Moran, Caris Reid, Jackie Saccoccio, Sandi Slone, Jessica Stoller, Emily Sudd, Betty Tompkins​, Michelle Vaughan, Emily Weiner, Jessica Williams, Robin Williams, Amy Wilson, Letha Wilson


    Rebecca Campbell, Call her green and the winters cannot fade her., 2012 oil on canvas

    Amy Wilson, We are Connected by Light, 2014, needle lace